Ocean Flower Island Inbound Tourist Transfer Center
Located near the bridge of main entrance, Ocean Flower Island Inbound Tourist Transfer Centercovers an area of 100,000 square meters. The inbound tourist transfer center adopts a twin-tower waterdrop-shaped symmetrical structure, and consists of one line (sea forest), one belt (littoral zone) and three areas (parking, transferring and hotel area).
Waterdrop-shaped Street
Waterdrop-shaped Street is the tourist center of the island, and it adopts symmetrical design with a 4,000-quare-meter area relatively on left and right sides. Region H and region G are waiting areas for visitors to wait for vehicles to enter and leave the island. Passengers can also transfer to new energy buses to enter the island or go to Transportation Hub.
Transportation on the Island
There are four kinds of vehicle available on the island: Buses which satisfy the transportation need in major roads, mini trains and battery cars which satisfy tourists’ need of sightseeing and specialty entertainment, and tourist chartered buses which run for daily business operation and tourist groups. Via an intelligent platform, these four kinds of transportation can realize unified management and provide intelligent traffic services for tourists.

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