Contemporary Commerce

The International Shopping Mall contains a 3,000 square meters indoor Fantastic Snow World, a variety of stores, restaurants and bars, fully meeting guests’ needs of shopping and dining. Guests can purchase brand products at Commercial Street without going abroad; they can also enjoy exotic delicacies at Culinary Street. Moreover, Teahouse & Bar Street presents the guests a bright and colorful night on the island.

Inspired by waves, the appearance of International Shopping Mall is vogue and trendy. Hundreds of premium brands will be gathered in this 150,000-square-meter fashionable shopping experience zone. The International Shopping Mall will be surely built into a shopping paradise and will lead the world’s business trend.

International Shopping Mall contains a mysterious indoor ice & snow world that covers almost 3,000 square meters. It will offer the tourists a perfect multiple experience of island passion and ice & snow customs.

Commercial Street is about 850 meters long, covering about 40,000 square meters and gathering 6 countries’ style architectural complexes. You can enjoy exotic amorous feelings, and also various fashionable boutiques, private collected treasure from all over the world.

Culinary Street covers 36,000 square meters approximately and it is nearly 600 meters long. It’s committed to introducing well-known gourmet brands worldwide and will be created into a gourmet carnival! Diverse dishes are gathered here, such as Sichuan style, Cantonese style, Suzhou style and Mingqing dynasty style. Besides, Southeast Asian food, Japanese food, German food and French food also will be collected here. More than one hundred kinds of food will be gathered on this island.

Till now, Ocean Flower Island has negotiated with nearly 1,000 featured restaurants from 30 countries and officially signed contracts with international brands including two-star Michelin restaurant from Sweden, Vollmers, two-star Michelin restaurant from Japan, Ginza Onodera, Hong Kong one-star Michelin restaurant SING KEE SEAFOOD and Qiliang Korean Table d’hote from South Korea. Other brands including Davids kitchen from france, Haxnbauer from Germeny and one-star Michelin restaurant from Belgium have entered the island. One-star Michelin restaurant from Hungary and Mays urban thai dine from Thailand are also on the way.

Teahouse & Bar Street is over 400 meters long. Chinese tea street features coastal tea houses. You can drink tea, listen to operas, enjoy the island scenery in aroma of tea. This is traditional southern Chinese ambience. Except tea houses, the Bar Street is on the beach featured by Southeast Asian open-style buildings. The white clean beach and different bars complement each other, and bloom their unique charms together under the darkness of night, which present the tourists a bright, colorful and wonderful Ocean Flower Island night!

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